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    Introducing Esfarayen University of Technology

    The Esfarayen University of Technology is located in Esfarayen city in North Khorasan province. This complex started its activity in February in  the academic year of 2011-2012 launching associate degree of foundry and mechanics fields of study. In the academic year of 2012-2013, this complex started to offer a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and material engineering and promoted to the Esfarayen college of science and technology.
    The Esfarayen University of Technology already benefits from the services of 47 official faculty members and 30 lecturers. It offers 9 continuous undergraduate degrees (Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering in the branch of industrial metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Safety Engineering and Chemical Engineering), 2 associate degrees (associate degree of mechanics in the branch of manufacturing and associate degree of materials in the branch of foundry), 2 discontinuous undergraduate degrees (mechanical engineering in the branch of manufacturing and computer software engineering). Currently, 2020 students are majoring in the mentioned fields of engineering in this university and the number of alumni of this university is 735.

    This higher education complex occupies a total area of 79,900 square meters. From which, 8061 square meters was allocated to dorm, 20,000 square meters to green areas, 22,645 square meters to the campus, boulevard and streets, 14,345 to educational and workshop facilities, 900 square meters to the conference hall, 6,599 to library, study hall and administrative facilities, 950 square meters to dining salon. 900 square meters to praying hall and cultural facilities, 1000 square meters to sportive facilities and 4,500 square meters to a grass pitch.  

    Esfarayen University of Technology hopes that with utilization of young and capable staff, possession of proper physical facilities, the existence in the vicinity of two unique industries of “Steel” and “Loole Gostar” and with considering the mission and logistics plan of the university, this complex can play its role appropriately and effectively as the university of science and technology in northeastern of country in comprehensive growth and development in every aspects of Islamic Iran and in educating expert and capable young minds.