• Dept Of Electrical, Computer and Industrial Engine
    Department of Electrical, Computer and Industrial Engineering

    This department which includes Electrical engineering, computer engineering and industrial engineering groups was established and commenced its activities in 2011. The goal and mission of this department were to promote the scientific level of students by a skill-based approach utilizing the prestigious college professors. Up to now, several invaluable scientific papers either have been published in respected renowned journals in the world or have been presented in international symposiums and conferences from the research works of the faculty members and research committees of this department. We herein introduce the engineering fields practiced in this department:

    Introducing Electrical Engineering

    Electrical engineering is the science of mathematical analysis and investigation of physical phenomena which in some ways are related to electric charges and their movement and effects (such as electric current, electric potential, electric field, magnetic field, electromagnetic waves, electric force, magnetic force). Based on the expertise of the faculty members, this department offers the Electronic branch of electrical engineering. Possessing equipped laboratories such as industrial electricity workshop, logic circuit laboratory and control laboratory, this group tries to promote the student's skills.
    Electronic Branch
    The electronic branch of electrical engineering is divided into two main parts: the first part is microelectronic which involves material science, electronic physics and design and manufacture of components from simplest to the most complicated ones. The second part is called the circuit and system. The goal of this part is to design and manufacture of electrical systems and equipment from the products manufactured by microelectronic experts.
    The electronic branch is an interesting branch of electrical engineering which its main objective is the introduction of semi-conductors and the physical description and performance of these components and finally the application of them for the design and manufacture of highly used and technical circuits and devices.
    Introducing Computer Engineering (Software Engineering Branch)
    In the software engineering branch of computer engineering, there are courses from different engineering fields such as electrical and electronics engineering along with courses such as software engineering, algorithm design, artificial intelligence, computer programing and…which enables students to design, to execute and to document engineering software.
    Undergraduate students of software engineering have to pass 140 credit units from which 19 units are related to specialized courses which involve courses such as system analysis and design, programming language design, internet engineering, data base and software engineering. By majoring in these courses, the software engineering students will find a different approach to design, implementation and documentation of computer software compared with the students of other branches.

    Introducing Industrial Engineering

    The alumnus of industrial engineering tries to analyze the problems and issues of a factory with an organized approach and function in the way that with the minimum input the maximum output results. They come from the fact that when the designers of an industrial unit are engaging in design they may partially neglect the economics and enhanced productivity and other issues, however, when it has to be dealt with management of a factory with numerous staff, an industrial engineer gives attention to the issues such as: how they can reduce the inutility time of equipment and utilize the work force efficiently, how the factory can produce minimum wastes and the maintenance of equipment be done perfectly.

    Introducing head of the department  

      Dr. Farhang Padidaran Moghaddam, the head of the department of electrical, computer and industrial engineering is an alumnus of the National University of Malaysia (UKM). He started teaching in 2003 and he experienced several chairing positions in departments and research committees in several different governmental and nongovernmental higher education centers and universities. Dr. Padidaran Moghaddam has published 203 scientific journal and national and international conference papers totally. The head of the department of electrical, computer and industrial engineering believes in the promotion of student’s scientific level with the skill-based approach in the direction of the ultimate goal and mission of this department.