Name and Family name: Gholamreza Heydari

          Position: Vice President for Administration and Finance and Resources

          Academic Degree: Ph.D. of Material Engineering and Metallurgy


The duties and authorities of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and Resources:

  1. Collaborate with the dean of the university to efficiently perform its own relevant tasks and the duties of administrative units of the university.
  2. Taking care of the excution goal of university and the procedures of affairs and working methods in different units.
  3.  Implementation of administrative and financial activities and programs and reports required by the University dean.
  4. Supervising University recruitment procedures to ensure they are in accordance with relevant rules and regulations
  5. Supervising the preparation and regulation of the university budget and sending it to the relevant agencies for approval.

  6. Receiving public revenues within the limits of the regulations.

  7. Supervising the procurements of all consumables at the university.

  8. Supervising all university receipts and payments.

  9. Establish coordination between university units

  10. Participate in councils, committees and sessions and remark on administrative and financial matters.

  11. Providing the required human resources for the University within the limitations of rules and regulations.

  12. Planning and holding pre-duty and on-duty training for staff.

  13. Preparation of all the university's necessities.

  14. Attend University council sessions to make the necessary decisions.

  15. Supervision of all university service affairs.