• V.P for Research Education, Students affairs
      Name and Family name: Mohammad Hatami

    Position: Vice President for Research Education, Students affairs

    Academic Degree: Ph.D. of Mechanical Engineering




     The duties and authorities of the Vice President for Research Education, Students affairs:

    1. Preparation desirable conditions for commercialization and research outcomes.

    2. Communicate and develop a relationship with associations and scientific, cultural, and research organizations

    3. Establish and boost international cooperation in the field of research, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

    4. Supervising the implementation of the welfare programs and non-educational and extracurricular activities of the students

    5. Development and expansion of various sports fields in the university and providing necessary facilities for this purpose.

    6. Supervision of the holding of conversation sessions between professors and students.

    7. Supervising the provisions for the student’s residence and jobs.

    8. Providing facilities for encouraging elite athletes and monitoring the holding of sports competitions.

    9. Supervising the affairs related to the student guidance and counseling in the academic, occupational, and personal areas.

    10. Monitoring students' cultural, political, and social activities.

    11. Planning to propagate Islamic and revolutionary values at all academic levels.

    12. Expanding relationships between faculty members, staff and students