• department of mechanical and civil engineering

    Department Of Mechanical And Civil Engineering And Engineering Sciences

    The department of mechanical and civil engineering and engineering sciences with the aid of experienced professors and the updated science and scientific researches, paces in the direction of the country’s science-research goals and educating efficient experts. In the first semester of 2012 academic year, this higher education complex commenced its activities by giving admissions to the students of mechanical engineering. Moreover, in the first semester of 2014 academic year, this complex expanded its educational activities by accepting undergraduate students for two fields of civil engineering and engineering sciences to train experts. In the first semester of 2017 academic year, some undergraduate students have been accepted to enroll.

    Introducing mechanical engineering

    Mechanical engineering is one of the old branches of engineering which has wide applications in every industrial part of the world and it plays a descent and obvious roll in the development and progress of science and technology. The activity fields of mechanical engineering are so vast that not only no industry can be found that is not dependent on it but also some important parts of every industry’s developments owing to the progress made in mechanical engineering. The purpose of this undergraduate course is to promote the level of engineering science in the mechanical engineering field and to educate talented students so that their theoretical and practical knowledge reaches the level of this knowledge teaches in the top scientific and technological institutions of the world. Passing this course, the alumni of mechanical engineering become prepared to take over the responsibilities assigned to them for successful accomplishments of industrial projects including research and initial evaluations, preliminary designs, detailed design calculations, preparation of maps and technical documents,    Formulation of manufacturing technology and production method, management, execution, repair and maintenance  with scientific and technological knowledge in all of the fields related to the mechanical engineering

    Introducing civil engineering

    Civil engineering group or civil engineering field is one of the important and attractive fields of the study presented in the collection of universities national entrance exam guidance booklet, in which the participant can select in the exam sub-group of mathematics and physics. In English, the construction engineering is called “civil engineering”.  “Civil” is the abbreviation of “Civilization”, hence it can be concluded that as it clear from the name of this field of study, “civil engineering” means “civilization engineering” and it is more related to society than any other engineering fields. The great progress that we can witness today is achieved in the shades of tranquility and safety provided by the civil engineers. The harness of nature’s fury such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes are the gifts that civil engineering gave to today's society. On the other hand, the linking roads are like vital vessels of society, the huge dams which produce electricity, the tunnels which splinter the mountains and… are all witnesses for the importance of this engineering field. Considering the amounts of construction and building activities in the country, the exigent need is felt for the construction industry in the erection of large buildings, highways, railways,  main roads and side roads and water supply networks as well as education and training efficient experts in this field of engineering.

    Introducing engineering science field

    Engineering science is an interdisciplinary course. This field of study is created based on the close relationship between different branches of physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. This field of study provides an environment in which the students can pursue their interests in different science fields together with learning engineering skills. The branch specified for this field of study prepares the students for advanced and deep studies in the fields of engineering and science. On the other hand, the other purpose of this field of study can be the development of theoretical fundamentals for analysis of their practical scientific and engineering phenomena and futurology in technologies and transference of novel technologies to industry. Based on conducted studies by the U.S. national academy of engineering, the field of engineering science can be considered as the central core in the field of educational engineering until 2020.